We are pleased to share our podcast, DC CoveTalk!


This podcast is produced and is run by Covenant House Greater Washington youth.

Paying it Forward: Seeking Sanctuary to Creating Safe Haven

Keecee shares her Covenant House Greater Washington story. After receiving safe haven herself, Keecee works to pay it forward by referring peers who may need services and following up with them.

Building Up the Hope House

A discussion of expanding the Covenant House Greater Washington footprint into Prince George's County, Maryland.

Serving Tomorrow's Generation Today

UPS Executives share their experience volunteering with the youth of Covenant House Greater Washington.

The Struggle is Real, but so is The Support!

Mylan Banes shares her experience as mental health support specialist serving Covenant House Greater Washington and the team's success story of mental, physical, and spiritual growth.

Coming Full Circle: Receiving Help to Help Others

"Stay on your purpose." Former members of the program talk about their journey after Covenant House and how to make the most of the resources made available to them.

Rights of Passage: Navigating a Pandemic

In this episode we learn about life during the pandemic for the working youth of the Covenant House program and how the support helped them to find jobs in a challenging time.

Pitfalls on the Path to Success

An inspirational discussion about staying optimistic in difficult times and building resilience while reaching for future success.

A Voice for the Voiceless

Your past does not define you at Covenant House DC. We understand that homelessness can be a source of judgment and Covenant House DC is here to help you let this go and work toward new beginnings.