Program Services Overview

Each year over 1,000 youth walk through our doors, the first question we ask –  Are you hungry?


We served 62,000 meals last year alone, we believe that once youth are fed they are better equipped to start their success plan. Homeless and disconnected youth eat along side our staff and volunteers daily to promote fellowship and trust.

Food Pantry 

Our food pantry is available for our independent living housing facility youth and our community youth. Our pantry offers canned goods and non perishables that youth can take home over nights, weekends, and holidays.

Dove Store

Our boutique donations shop is setup like a department store, where youth can select items free of charge for everyday clothes, undergarments, hygiene products, and outfits for interviews/special events.

Case Management

Case management is an essential component of our residential and educational programming. Young people work with case managers to identify their strengths and challenges and then develop and implement individual service plans. When Covenant House Washington does not offer a service that a particular young person wants or needs, the case manager can draw upon an extremely comprehensive list of external service providers with whom we partner.