The Sleep Out Movement is made up of advocates throughout the United States and Canada who accept the challenge to sleep outside for one night at Covenant House sites as well as in private backyards, school grounds, and community spaces so homeless kids don’t have to.

Sleep Out is an experience.

On your own or together with others, you take a piece of cardboard and a sleeping bag and spend a night in a safe location outdoors, such as a parking lot or a backyard. Sleep Out is not about pretending to be homeless or about facing the life-or-death dangers of youth who live every day on the streets.

Sleep Out is an act of solidarity.

It’s about showing homeless youth unconditional love and absolute respect — demonstrating in word and action that you care about them. Through Sleep Out, you become an advocate for homeless youth and raise funds for the Covenant House programs that offer them the chance of an abundant life away from the streets and out of harm’s way.

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A Very Successful 2019 Sleep Out!