Supportive Housing Program


In 2008, Covenant House Washington opened its Supportive Housing Program (SHP). This 13 unit apartment-based program provides housing and support services for seven (7) families and six (6) single, homeless young people who have extraordinary circumstances, such as mental health issues, positive HIV/AIDS diagnosis, exposure to domestic violence, substance abuse issues and other documented special needs. Permanence removes time limits on housing and, thereby, removes the pressure that comes with knowing that, at some predetermined point, a young person will not have a place to live. With this barrier removed, individuals are able to focus more clearly on solving the problems that have led to their homelessness.

The addition of a permanent supportive housing program to Covenant House Washington’s residential continuum helps provide the increased stability and structure that is required for young people to stabilize their lives and achieve their dreams, and continues to fulfill a significant need within the community. Covenant House Washington is dedicated to providing these programs to break the cycle of homelessness so homeless young people do not become homeless adults.

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