Street & Community Outreach

Street and Community Outreach Programs

Since 1995, Covenant House Washington has been a constant presence on the streets of Washington, D.C., serving homeless and disconnected young people ages 18-24 whose lives are endangered by sexual abuse and exploitation, violence, drug abuse and involvement in illicit activities. The Outreach Team travels the roughest neighborhoods by van and on foot, aiming to provide immediate assistance to young people on the streets who are in crisis, helping them make connections to increase their well-being and self-sufficiency. In those places where the fabric of our city is torn, Covenant House Washington’s street and community outreach plays a vital role in supporting such a vulnerable population. The services we provide help to build protective factors around young people on the streets who are otherwise without guidance and support.

Our Outreach Specialists use a variety of strategies to reach young people on the streets and involve them in positive activities. With compassion as their trademark, the team offers food, drinks and hygiene supplies to young people on the streets, showing Covenant House Washington’s commitment to helping transform their lives.

To learn more about Covenant House Washington’s Street and Community Outreach Program please contact Thomas Artis, Outreach Coordinator at



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