Covenant House Washington Executive Sleep Out 2012


On Thursday, November 15, 2012 several well respected business executives from the Washington, D.C. business community came together—not around a fancy gala table or in a board room—but on the streets of D.C., to spend a night sleeping on the streets in support of homeless youth; an experience facilitated by Covenant House Washington.

While one night on the street hardly compares to what homeless kids
go through each and every day, we know from experience that this one
night has the power to leave a lasting impact on all involved.

Each of the executives—including Michelle Freeman, Chuck Bean, and
Robert Egger, slept out with the backdrop of the Covenant House
Washington community service center in solidarity with homeless kids
to build awareness, raise funds and most importantly, break down

This firsthand experience provided business leaders a genuine
understanding of what needs to be done to curtail the problems of
youth homelessness – during that night, the sleepers became
listeners, friends, and advocates.

What follows is an overview of some of the media coverage that
resulted from this remarkable evening- nearly 54 million impressions in all, along with renewed and deeper relationships within the community and an increased profile for the necessary work of Covenant House Washington.


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