Who We Are

Covenant House Washington

Providing youth with safe haven, care and the supportive services needed to achieve housing, job, and economic stability…

Covenant House Washington (CHW) serves as the region’s premier non-profit in Greater Washington in protecting, supporting, and transforming the lives of youth ages 18-24 experiencing homelessness, disconnection, and exploitation. For over 23 years, CHW has provided a safe harbor and wrap around supports to one of regions most vulnerable populations, that often goes unnoticed. The programs and services we offer young people help them to get back on track in achieving stability amongst leaving our program.

We create tailored solutions for each young person that goes beyond short-term housing and support. Our approach equips youth with the resources they need to overcome common obstacles and barriers. Aside from housing youth receive workforce readiness, job/career placement, post-secondary support, case management, mental health support, drop-in services, child development center (for youth with children), and more.