Accountability & Transparency

Covenant House Washington’s Commitment

We work to help homeless and disconnected young people escape the streets forever and transition to a life with stable housing, a solid educational foundation and sustainable employment.

Our strategy to achieve that goal is to find homeless and runaway young people, help them come in off the streets and provide them with the services they need to overcome their challenges.

We find these young people through many different channels. Some of them come to us through our street outreach program or through our crisis hotline, while others walk right into our Community Service Center because they are in immediate need and have heard of us through other youth or one of our many community partners.

When young people come into our Community Service Center, we welcome them with open arms and a no questions asked approach. We provide a full continuum of services for our young people, such as:

  • Crisis care
  • Educational and employment training
  • Child care
  • Case management
  • Residential services
  • Local agency referrals

Since 1995, we’ve served over 35,000 young people. Today we are the number one provider of services to homeless and disconnected young people ages 18-24 in Greater Washington.

Over the years, we have shaped the successful futures of many young people.  We believe that we must constantly measure and assess our performance so that we can continually strive to improve the outcomes that the young people we serve aim to achieve.

In order to do that, Covenant House Washington has deployed the powerful Efforts-to-Outcomes (ETO®) database system by Social Solutions, Inc., the industry leader in non-profit data management and performance evaluation. ETO® represents a quantum leap in the agency’s ability to collect, monitor and analyze what we are doing, who we are doing it with, and how well we are doing it. Significantly, Covenant House Washington did not simply purchase the system: rather, we have created a data management position in the agency which is staffed by a master’s degree level professional who has received ETO® Gold Administrator Certification. This gives us the capacity to build out any number of customized assessments and program reports which monitor the progress of our young people and indicate potential areas for program improvement.

Additionally, we are redesigning and re-launching an existing internal review process to continuously assess quantitative and qualitative data regarding outcomes, identify opportunities to improve our performance, and develop and implement data-driven strategies to better help our youth transition from the street to stable housing, a solid educational foundation, and sustained employment. We believe in our youth and in our commitment to them.


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